The minimum wage around the world and in Bulgaria

I found an interesting article by Libby Kane in Business Insider about the minimum wage around the world. Now not the entire world, the data for Bulgaria is missing. The author of this conclusion is OECD and they have included in their research 34 countries.I thought that it will be interesting to show the lowest minimum wage in European Union – the one of Bulgaria. Some Bulgarian politicians look very proud with this, however, it seems to me more like a human abuse.

For the period between 01.01.2015 – 30.06.2015 the minimum wage will be 360 BGN per month or 2.20 BGN per hour. The netto for this amount would be around 280 BGN per month or 1.71 BGN per hour. In USD we should say that the hourly minimum wage after taxes in Bulgaria is 0,98 USD.



Congratulations to the winners – someone who has hired a lot of European citizens in Bulgaria! They should be able to produce services and goods at the lowest labor cost in EU and with permission to export free of duties in EU.

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